Monday, August 24, 2009

Another good reason for shopping at Sainsburys

Remember the Thai pork with asparagus that I planned for dinner last week?

Somewhere between being paid for and the wok the jar of red Thai curry paste disappeared.

I searched the pantry and the fridge. Then I looked in my shopping bags and the car. The pan cupboard was next to be searched followed by the cleaning cupboard. Then I started again. And again.

By now it was 6.30 and curtain up at the theatre was 7.30. I didn't have time to:
a) search again;
b) go out and buy a replacement jar.

So we had pork korma with asparagus, which was nice in a 'I don't like pork' sort of way. A bit bland but would probably have been much better with red Thai curry paste. I hope whoever found it made good use of it and that it didn't just end up back on Tesco's shelves.