Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Great Toilet Roll Debate

We're off to North Wales tomorrow for a long weekend staying in Betws-y-coed, a pretty little village, in Snowdonia country. On three occasions we've stayed in North Wales planning to walk up Snowdon, the highest mountain in the principality, and each time weather has defeated us.

One time it was so bad we couldn't see the top of Snowdon; another time we decided to ride on the little train, which got about one third of the way up and then stopped because conditions were too dangerous. As I write this the rain outside is torrential. What chance of making it to the summit this year?

Daughter and Son-in-law (plus Holly Dog and Charlie Cat) are coming to look after George. We're waiting for them to arrive now.

So as I won't be blogging for a few days here's a question for you. How do you hang your toilet roll?

I'm an advocate of B. On the occasions (rare) when another member of the family replaces the toilet roll if they happen to hang it the 'wrong way round' I surreptitiously change it. I don't want to risk offence and put them off doing it altogether but I have to have it the right way.

So what's your view on the Great Debate? Incidentally I didn't know there was a Great Debate - I thought it was my little foible - until I happened to come across this image while surfing today. The internet's a wonderful thing.


Maddy said...

Personally I advocate for B always, however, that said if you take position B then every other member of the household can unravel the stuff at twice the speed that they can in the A position. Alternatively, since no-one but me ever replaces any toilet rolls when empty, it's tempting to leave them empty and opt for C, no roll whatsoever. See how they handle that! I think this is a warning of an impending strike.

mrsnesbitt said...

Neither! As we dont have a holder. Loo Roll sits on top of cistern but wrapped up!

Berni said...

Definitely B.

When we were visited UK last time we drove around Wales and stayed in Betws-y-coed. We stayed in a very nice B&B on the High Street.

Leslie: said...

I always use Method B but the ONE time a roll was replaced by the new Mister, he used Method A so I left it until it needed changing again...and used Method B. lol As long as he puts a roll on there, I don't really care - well, yes I do care and next time will, as you did, surreptitiously switch it around. ;)

Rose said...

I must be weird, because I prefer A, but Husband prefers B. Good thing we have separate bathrooms:)

Have a good weekend! Will you be wearing your floaty wedding dress to the summit??

And on a serious note, the post about the book "Stuart" was very touching. It must be reassuring to know that the work you and everyone at Zac's place do does reach some people. As you say, a person has to want to change himself before God can help.

Rose said...

Me again...sorry, I should have put the end of that comment on your other post. Somehow discussing God and helping the homeless on a post about toilet paper just doesn't seem appropriate...

Puss-in-Boots said...

I can't understand what the fuss is just hangs the way I put it on the holder. Years ago, a friend of mine was visiting and had to use the bathroom. Whe she returned she quietly murmured to me that she had turned my toilet roll around so that it hung the "right" way. I just looked at her in amazement and wondered what she was on I know.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

There can surely be no argument. All right thinking people will surely agree it is B ^_^.

I think it looks neat in hotels when they fold it to a point.

suzymom said...

well, on our toilet roll holder the lose end has to be in the front. The holder actually has a ridge that stops the roll from winding off when you pull the end down: instead the first leaf just rips off if you pull. Wonderful idea: one-hand-tactics!
And, by the way, in our house too, it seems that I'm the only who has mastered the loo-roll-changing-technique. Seems you need at least a university education to learn it...

Furtheron said...


No debate - no question... now just do it my way and it'll all be fine... :-)

Furtheron said...

BTW it is a big debate I know... :-)

Eunoia said...

Moist bogpaper comes in boxes, not on rolls.

Jazz said...

B of course. It's the only right way to hang a roll of TP

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...


now for the reason? probably more than you actually want to know!

if your hand is soiled and it is in the "a" position you can get the wall soiled. in the "b" position you only soil the nest layer of paper. tmi? sorry.

smiles, bee

NitWit1 said...

I prefer "B" as I hate getting my short stubby fingers smashed trying to find the "end" behind the roll in position "A"

That goes for paper towels or any thing mounted to dispense vertically.

And yes it has been a debate more than once.

Other debates: should toilet seat be left up or down-definitely a male/female debat!

Do you squeeze the touthpaste tube or anything dispensed in a tube, from the opposite end of the the or in the middle?

Mother Mayhem said...

B. Definitely. When I'm in the home of an A and need to visit the tinkletorium, I have to fight the urge to B them. :o)

nick said...

Nitwit has clarified it perfectly. If you use A, it's trickier to find the end of the roll, so B is obviously the choice par excellence.

I've been up Snowdon once, the lazy way in the train. I'd love to do it properly some day and walk up. Hope the weather clears up for you.

jams o donnell said...

FOr us it's a big plastic box full of gritty stuff.. Oh sorry that's the cats. We are of the B configuration

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Toilet seat down definitely.

Tubes squeeze from the end, or alternatively the middle then move the stuff from the end down to the middle before you put it away. ^_^

Suburbia said...


oops sorry for capitals

Hope you have a great weekend despite the weather. Poured here all day too.

How does Charlie Cat feel about dog sitting George??!!!

sally in norfolk said...

wow I love betws-y-coed done lots of walking round and up the mountains there... not been there for many years now. Have fun and enjoy :-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

B for me too!! And I am the only one who manages to put the loo roll on in the first place, the men in family just put it on top of the cistern, and leaves the empty loo roll on the holder..what's that all about!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Liz, we've got torrential rain and gales up here at the moment! Hope it clears up over the weekend and you have a lovely time, will think of you both and hope you can manage a trip on the Welsh Highland Railway, the scenery and views are stunning especially along the Aberglaslyn Valley.
We are a 'B' family.
Wendy (Wales)

jmb said...

I'm an A person, the OS is a B. I get my way in two of the bathrooms and he gets his way in one where it is more convenient to have B.

Have a good weekend.

sheila said...

B. Normally. :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

B, definitely.
Have a great time! I've been up Snowdon once, on the little train, but IU didn't see much 'cos I had my nose stuck in my "Romeo" comic!

CherryPie said...

I am an A person but it always gets changed to the B position if I put it like that!

I love Betws-y-coed, I hope you have a great time :-)

James Higham said...

It's a vital point and one which needs resolution, like the Big Eng Small End debate.

I don't hang it. It sits.

jay said...

B is the correct way to hang. I know this, because it's the way all hotels hang it. LOL!

As for Snowdon - I think your chances are pretty slim. Although conditions on the mountains change very quickly, so you might get lucky! Here's hoping!

Anonymous said...

I only wanted to suggest that you launch yourself by rocket to the top of the pesky mountain thing. As for loo roll I dont have a holder so it just sits there.

MaryB said...

Definitely B. I don't even understand the theory behind A. Who are these people? (Have a great holiday.)

Dina ... UK said...

Have a good trip Liz....
A few years ago we went up on the train.....
As for the toilet roll, B. lol

I will dedicate my 27th July mono to you.....
It we be very

the eternal worrier said...

I go for B every time. Once I watched a programme about the QE2 and on it they used the B method and then folded it into a nice triangle shape. I kept doing the same to our loo rolls for a laugh but no one said anything at my house.

Liz said...

This is very interesting: I get more comments when I'm not here! Or perhaps it was just a topic that gripped the nation.

Thank you all anyway. I'll be round visiting as soon as I've caught up with myself.

MissKris said...

Hardly anyone in our family has ever replaced the roll except me...lazy brood I have, eh? Anyway, my rolls are forever and always placed in B position. I wonder what it says about our brains, preferring one direction over the other? Strange thought.

DeeJay said...

I was once told that in general, position A is a male thing whilst position B is a female trait

Seems that might be right from the small sample of comments - yes I conform to the 'rule' and also just have to turn it around if Mrs DeeJay puts it on "wrong"

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

You won't believe this, my brother has just been on the phone to me, to try and find out about setting up a blog, and I said what would you blog about? He said you know CRAZY things, like how to put on a Loo roll, which drives him mental when it is not done right..:-) :-) I absolutely creased up with laughter, he wondered what was wrong with me...I told him and read to him your post ha ha ha !!

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