Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Writing

On Sunday I suggested that we write something that we could share during our time in the chapel later in the morning. Several people have commented that it must have been an inspiring place and it is, but I am no good at writing beautiful poetry, wonderful descriptions or capturing a moment, so i struggle to express exactly how awesome it is to be in a place of such beauty and peace.

I wasn't sure what or how I could write something for the chapel gathering and I was feeling a little land-locked so, as I'd been told if I walked from the back of Ffald-y-Brenin, over the hilltops, I'd be able to see the sea, I set off to think, pray and head-write.

I was so busy chattering away to god - not giving him a chance to reply - that I missed the turning and ended up surrounded by mist. I couldn't even see the end of the path, let alone the sea.

But I thought: that's all right; this is all part of my allegorical experience; when I get there God will make the sun shine through the mist for one moment to illuminate the sea and I will have a clear message.

I found the correct path but, again, the mist was so thick I still couldn't even see the promontory from which I'd been told I could see the sea.

At last, aware that time was passing, I headed back, with just a couple of sentences upon which I hoped to build ... something.

I would reduce God to my size
A god of party tricks and pretty thoughts
My god, god-on-demand
Little visions, little dreams
Little god

But God breaks out of the shell in which I would encase him
The deep roars,
Heaven bursts open,
Stars erupt, dazzling and bemusing,
Rainbows adorn the skies
And my eyes are opened
To the hugeness
Of the One
I call
My God.

And dreams that now seem so tiny
Are given permission
To grow and take root and flourish.

And as we stand in Eden, God and I,
I see
God is not there for my purpose;
Rather I am here for his.


Leslie: said...

God gave you the words. :)

NitWit1 said...

Very beautiful free flowing verse. I do a little of that--not often enough.

But I should also let God lead me. We all try to put Him in a box.

Rose said...

The mist may not have cleared, but I do think you were inspired nonetheless; a beautiful poem! And congratulations on the interest from the publisher--how exciting! Don't put yourself down; just get busy writing!

By the way, Illinois is in the middle of the US; I'm about 2 hours south of Chicago, surrounded by cornfields:)

Furtheron said...

Beautiful and I agree with the sentiment a lot.

I have a mate who has a "God box", it's an old green money tin from somewhere that has long seen better days. He posts notes (prayers) to God into it. When it is full up he asks me to empty it - he can't for some reason that will blow his faith in his God. He trusts me not to read them.

"Is God in the box?" I asked him. "Of course" he replied "Where is your God?" "Mine is everywhere" I said. "Bugger that I'd never be ablt to have a ****!".

Insert whatever four letter work you choose but his was very graphic. I do like his God Box idea in some ways though.

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