Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rose thinks I'm turning into a gardener!

My zinnias are shooting up!

And here's one of the tubs I planted this afternoon. It's got purple verbena and a variegated ivy thing to trail, along with pink geraniums and busy lizzies, and that purpley-pink spikey thing in the middle.

And those bluebells aren't supposed to be just growing out of the ground like that but they are. And they're' very pretty.

And did you spot the milk bottles? We're one of the few houses left that still has a delivery.


CherryPie said...

They look lovely, I am at long last (after missing last year out completley) starting to get round to my garden. I found a patio and some garden furniture underneath some honeysuckle and fallen leaves!!!

Anonymous said...

What's George going to say about all this planting in HIS tubs? I remember him making short work of removing bulbs once!
Wendy (Wales)

Dragonstar said...

That tub looks very pretty, and the bluebells are gorgeous!

Liz said...

Amazing what turns up, isn't it, cherrypie?

We are keeping a very close watch on him wendy! I am trying out telling him 'he's a big boy now and wouldn't do anything as naughty as that' to persuade him into leaving them alone!

THanks, dragonstar

Anonymous said...

Good luck Liz - I await further photos!
Wendy (Wales)

Rose said...

Liz, yes, you are a gardener! Your zinnia seedlings are looking better than mine. And you did a great job on that planter--I love verbena, but I'm trying to figure out what "busy lizzies" are--maybe impatiens? I have no idea what the "purpley-pink spikey thing" is, but I like it:) The bluebells look much prettier than the dandelions I have growing everywhere!

Liz said...

THanks, wendy.

Yes, busy lizzies = impatiens, rose. I'll check what the purple thing is called; I still have the label in the greenhouse.

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