Sunday, May 03, 2009

Not in need of oinkment

Why is it that as soon as you start doing something, like cooking, that needs clean hands, or something like gardening, which gets your hands dirty, your nose runs? Or is it just me?

I do have a permanent year-round runny nose. I can't leave the house without a hankie or wad of tissues. I suppose it may be an allergy but I had it before allergies became so popular.

I also sneeze when I'm in the sun so, what with my snuffling and my sneezing, I got several anxious looks yesterday on my way into Sainsburys. I felt I should wear a badge saying, 'I haven't been to Mexico.'

A much more likely explanation is one I saw recently on an episode of Grey's Anatomy. A patient had been back and for to the clinic with a runny nose. Eventually they worked out that, in layman's terms, his brain was leaking out through his nose.

That would explain such a lot about me.