Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Lost again

Just back from the Play-offs final. Didn't win but didn't expect to. But at least the judges were nicer in their comments this time around.

Now to start planning the writers' weekend that I'm supposed to be sort of leading this coming weekend. We're off to a retreat in west Wales to write and relax and enjoy the peace and beauty. When I say 'now', I mean tomorrow obviously.


Amanda said...

I'm always lost ;0)

Furtheron said...

... but now I'm found.

Isn't that Amazing Grace? Why did that pop into my head?

Isn't the whole of West Wales a retreat? Talking of which I've only electronically talked to the boy over the last few days... must phone him later to re-establish contact outside of the cybersphere.

Rose said...

A writers' retreat--sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your weekend, Liz. Your poem on Wednesday was terrific, by the way; you really captured the character of the overbearing husband.

Catching up on post reading as always today...glad George still has a beach he can romp on! ...And I've never heard of books of soap.

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