Thursday, May 28, 2009

Footballers called Ron

Over dinner last night I had a crash course in footballers whose names start with Ron. It began when Younger Son said that Ronaldo was probably the best player in the world.

'What's a Brazilian doing playing for Spain?' I asked.
Husband and YS looked at me. 'He's Portuguese and he plays for Man U.'
I was confused. 'Isn't he the one with the teeth?'
'No, that's Ronaldo.'
'Or Ronaldino.'
'Yes, they're Brazilian.'
'But one is bald is bald and podgy and the other has long hair.'

So now you know.

At the end of the European Cup final, when Barcelona received the trophy, the commentator commented on their shirts. 'Unlike most teams who have the name of their sponsor on their shirts, Barcelona has Unicef on theirs, and, instead of taking money, the club gives money.' Ah, isn't that splendidly refreshing?


Furtheron said...

As opposed to Man Utd ... their shirt sponsorship deal was more than £50million I believe. Given the company that sponsors them is AIG who is now effectively been bailed out of bankruptcy by a USA government take over that means the USA tax payers are sponsoring Man Utd... how odd is that?

Barcelona are actually owned by fans through a membership scheme and have never had a shirt sponsor - I agree with you a refreshing attitude in the world of Football

Katney said...

I know nothing about it, but I am impressed with the idea.

jams o donnell said...

I love that Barca sponsor UNICEF rather than rake in millions (and it would be a lot of millions in the case of a club of their magnitude)from advertising

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