Monday, May 11, 2009


Ffald-y-Brenin is set on the hillside on the top left - you can just see the buildings - and this is the panoramic view across and down the valley.The Beehive chapel.When building the chapel it was decided to make a feature of the rock in the centre rather than try and cut it off.My 'cell'. I loved it.


Nitwit1 said...

I love the lines of the building and the idea of using the rock. It has a lot of symbolism like :upon this rock, I will build my church"

Suburbia said...

Gosh, what a view! Beautiful building too. Do you feel calm and rested??

Leslie: said...

Beautiful view to stimulate your creativity! :D

jams o donnell said...

I love the look of the beehive chael. It makes me think of the huts in Kerry. I also love the that they left the rock in place.

sally in norfolk said...

I also love the look of the beehive chapel...your cell looks cosy too :-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

A lovely little chapel..I could do with a little "cell" right now, so no-one can find me ..!! Well not until i want them too ha ha ha

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

That is a beautiful little chapel.

mutleythedog said...

That room is bigger than my 'flat'....

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a beautiful place, especially for a writer's retreat. I bet you got lots done.

Furtheron said...

Stunning! Can I buy it and retreat there permanently?

Gennasus said...

What a fabulous place, I'm sure you'll be inspired.

And incorporating the rock was such a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Really loved seeing the pictures and reading about the Beehive Chapel.
Wendy (Wales)

Liz said...

It's a beautiful old converted barn, nitwit.

Not exactly, suburbia! Because I was running the weekend, it was a bit stressful!

Indeed, leslie.

The chapel is a very special place, jams.

It was cosy, sally.

Oh dear, anne, one of those weeks?!

THanks, samantha.

I bet it's not, mutts.

We did, puss.

No, afrid not, furtheron, but you could stay there on your way to Aber?

It is a fab place, gennasus.

Hi, wendy. You'd have loved being there too.

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