Sunday, May 03, 2009

A design fault

What sort of idiot designs a paving brick 110 mm x 155 mm? There is no way you can do a simple but interesting pattern or random arrangement of bricks without ending up needing loads of bits of bricks. Two short edges don't equal one long one and the other size bricks you can buy don't help either.

More to the point, what sort of idiot buys that size brick? One thousand two hundred and twenty of them.

On the plus side, our courtyard is getting excitingly close to being finished. Brick-breaking (and swearing) excepted.


Anonymous said...

If you bought a calculator you could work out some equation thingey...

Leslie: said...

looking forward to seeing the project finished. :D

Rose said...

Probably a person with a leaky brain:)
Can't wait to see your finished project.

Liz said...

3.41 metres, muttley. they would match after 3.41 m, but that doesn't allow for anything interesting.

So am I leslie!

Indeed, rose!

Lola the Lamb said...

Did you ever see my courtyard at the bungalow, Liz? The one I designed then had the ex pay to be made? Tee hee. How exciting for you to be getting one now. Just right for my wheelchair if the day ever dawns...

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