Wednesday, May 20, 2009

At least George hasn't done this ... yet!

A golden retriever stole a phone and, as he chewed it, managed to dial 999. As the call was answered, the owner was shouting, 'Come out of there or else!' Police were alerted to a possible murder threat.

Yes, George has often been under that sort of threat.


Gledwood said...

o yeah i heard about that on the radio... luvvit!

nick said...

Apparently it's quite common for pets and toddlers to accidentally dial 999. Dogs can be genuine life-savers too - I've heard of them alerting neighbours when their owner has an asthma attack or a diabetic hypo.

Suburbia said...

There's still time! (I hope he doesn't read your blog!)

Leslie: said...

Too funny! lol

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