Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Zac's is ...

always surprising.

We continued with Paul's first letter to the Corinthians last night, looking more at speaking in tongues and Paul's instructions to churches. Quite heavy stuff for a mixed group of Christians, some damaged, atheists, don't knows, Buddhists ... you get the picture, when in off the street walked two young lads, maybe homeless, almost certainly vulnerably housed and on the streets.

They made a noisy entrance but when Sean welcomed them and invited them to stay for the Bible study, they sat down quietly. Then one of them spoke. 'Sean, will you pray for Dai? He got run over on the road up by there.'

Sean knew of Dai's death and he prayed for the family and loved ones, friends who grieved and struggled.

I am so thankful for Zac's Place. I am incredibly grateful that young men, living desperate lives and knowing little of God, can go there and be vulnerable enough to ask for prayer, can feel safe enough to say that maybe there is a God and maybe he can help.

Then at the end of the evening Sean asked if anyone would like to pray. Jerry, our 'resident' drunk instantly volunteered. And again it was a wonderfully moving prayer that expressed gratitude for Zac's and for being able to say each night, before he goes to sleep in the cemetery or park, thank you, Lord. And he prayed earnestly for Jade Goody, asking for another month for her to be with her young sons.

Then, being Jerry, he forgot he was praying and went off on a Jerry-ramble. It took several people saying loud Amens in any short pause in his rant to bring it to an end.

And later on it was noticed that the donations box was missing ...

Yes, Zac's is always surprising.

P.S. Sean thinks the box was probably missing earlier and he didn't think it was the young lads tonight who'd taken it. And in case you're wondering it definitely wasn't Jerry. He has his own strict code. I was talking to him afterwards and he said, 'I don't come for the breakfasts, see. I don't come for the food. I comes here on Tuesdays because I gets respect.'


Katney said...

Zac's alwasy seems such a wonderful place. I truly appreciate your stories of the comings and goings. Blessins on all who make Zac's possible.

Rose said...

Liz, I read all your posts even if I don't leave a comment on every one. Next to stories of George, your posts about Zac's place are one of my favorites. Jerry's last comment says it all--your group is doing wonderful work and providing a much needed sanctuary.

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