Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What makes you green with envy?

Today's prompt on The One-Minute Writer is: what makes you green with envy?

This is my response.

Anyone who has more chocolate than I do. Anyone who has chocolate. Or grandchildren. Especially grandchildren. Most especially anyone who has grandchildren and chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I sent you chocolate last week - erm i guess I could send you one of the children.... :0)

A. xx

Anonymous said...

I'm going to book mark that link and use it for home ed :0)

A. xx

jay said...

But ... but ... surely if you have grandchildren plus chocolate, it isn't long before the chocolate is in the grandchildren and you no longer have any?

Yikes. No, forget the grandchildren, gimme the chocolate!!


sally in norfolk said...

"What makes you green with envy?"

Any one that can afford to pay there electric/gas bill :-(

Anonymous said...

What makes me green with envy....

anyone who has parents....

A. xx

Katney said...

Should I send you the Hershey bar I found hiding in the way back of the fridge yesterday? I think maybe not. I won't send you any of my grandchildren, either--well, maybe...

Leslie: said...

I have a good excuse for hiding my chocolate - my sweetie is diabetic. lol

Seriously, what makes me green with envy is someone who can run. I know it seems silly, but even though I was always athletic in my youth, I couldn't run worth beans. Sometimes I dream that when I'm in heaven God will have me be the messenger running from place to place. Oh what joy to feel the wind in your face!

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