Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Short Story

Snappy title that. But I have a collection of short stories so I thought I'd start putting them on my other blog, with a short excerpt here, and I'll do it on Wednesdays. If I remember.

I wrote this story a long time and Charlie is based on Harvey, our old dog. George doesn't have - or hasn't yet developed - Harvey's predilection for knickers. Today's offering is called:

A Proper Charlie
“Are these yours?”

The stranger who had knocked on my door had just the hint of a smile about his face. When I looked down I realised why. In his outstretched hand he held a pair of knickers.

Quick thinking was called for; not only were they my knickers, they were my most sensible cover-all pair. I studied them intently.
“Nooo, I don’t recognise them. Mine are much silkier ... and smaller of course.”
I looked up to see the hint of a smile getting dangerously close to a smirk. Quick thinking was never my strong point.
“Just as a matter of interest, where did you find them?”
“Your dog presented me with them as I came through your gate.”

(Continued on my bits that are too long)