Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saving pennies, saving lbs

I had a few minutes to spare before going for my massage so I popped into the charity shop. I came out with three books: one of the Alexander McCall Smith Sunday Philosophy Club series, a light-hearted mystery and the Easy GI Diet book.

I was able to afford the diet book as well because I'd just saved more than half the price of a packet of Cadburys' Fingers.


Suburbia said...

Great start to your diet then!!!

How are you?

the eternal worrier said...

I love books from the Charity Shop. Very cheap. I dont like to pay £9 for paperbacks (novels). How did they get that expensive! Used to go to the library but they dont update very often. Just got the latest 'Famous Five' in at ours. I would have still got the fingers, ah chocolate.

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