Friday, March 13, 2009

Red faced on Red Nose Day

Don't you just hate it when you're at the check-out, you've packed all your shopping, there's a queue of people waiting, and the girl says, 'Sorry, your card's been declined'?

Fortunately I was in the local co-op, I only had stuff for tea and I actually had enough cash on me to pay. Having any cash on me is a rare thing: I am so reliant on my card.

Flipping card!


Anonymous said...

I was justt told that my 3 y.o needs a good slap!! becaue he was grumpy and apparently he 'showed me up'.....

A few weeks ago I managed to 'lock' myself out of my card because I forgot the pin number 3 times... then the next day I lost my purse with my other cards...


Liz said...

I hope you told that person that she needs a good slap!

Leslie: said...

I remember one time that my credit cards was declined at a posh restaurant (where I was treating) but thankfully I had another card to use. I was totally embarrassed!

Anonymous said...

I told her to go away, sort of ;0) I don't swear on your blog Liz :0)

lol how many spelling mistakes... I'm really tired its been full moon this week :0/

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, it makes you want to be swallowed up by the earth.

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