Thursday, March 12, 2009

A plague on their houses!

A doctor, speaking at a conference, is calling for a tax on chocolate, saying it slips under the 'bad foods' barrier but is a major player in the obesity game.



Amanda said...

No! No, no no no......

There will be a revolution ;0)

McBöbø said...

The funny thing is, Doctors are always banging on about what you shouldn't die of. But ever ask them what their recommended death would be, and they go all coy.

Polergirl said...

Chocolate is medicinal!!! I eat chocolate EVERY day, I love it, and if anything I'm underweight. Tax tv, not chocolate!

Rose said...

Methinks someone who suggests this should be drawn and quartered!

Re McBobo's comment: I'll take death by chocolate:)

nick said...

I expect his house will be besieged by militant pro-chocolate activists, breaking his windows and uprooting his rose bushes. What a frightfully nasty man. Chocolate shouldn't be taxed, it should be FREE!

Mean Mom said...

I think that the only pleasure we can enjoy, without being taxed on it, at the moment, is sex. I'm not speaking too soon, am I?

Joy Des Jardins said...

What??? What the heck are they talking about? A plague isn't good enough Liz. 'They know not what they do.' Our beloved CHOCOLATE. Good Grief!! They're treading on some sacred ground here....

Eunoia said...

I should cocoa!

Furtheron said...

So just like the taxes on smoking and drinking this will obviously lead to a dramatic reduction ... clearly! ;-)

Hey though - I could become a chocolate smuggler as my next job... :-)

jay said...

Calm down, everyone, it got defeated! YAY!

Yellowswordfish did a blog on this yesterday too, and I left a rather more animated comment there.

As I said, if it had gone through, I might have had to kill someone.

nick said...

If it had gone through, I might have been forced to hoard chocolate on a grand scale. The local Toblerone stocks would have been decimated.

Amanda said...

@ Nick I *do* hoard chocolate on a grand scale.

Liz said...

Yes, Jay, I heard the doctors conference had narrowly voted it against it.

It seems from the comments here that it's just as well! They thought the people rebelled against the poll tax ... that's nothing to what would have happened had they taxed chocolate!

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