Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mothering Sunday

With two of my beautiful children. Elder Son had to stay in Newcastle and work this weekend, not even being able to go home and see his lovely wife in London.

Daughter cooked me a delicious lunch of mushroom risotto and I've just sat and put my feet and watched The Edge of Love, a DVD about two of the women in Dylan Thomas's life. It was ... okay.


MissKris said...

If you ask me, it looks like 3 kids sitting there! You're lovely, Liz!

napaboaniya said...

Hahhaha~ Yup, I agree with MissKris, those 2 4-legged kids are looking real composed for this picture :) Perfect!

Aileni said...

She is so like you.
I don't think Dylan's life bears looking at too closely.

Amanda said...

Happy Mothers day!!

Rose said...

A happy belated Mothers' Day, Liz! So sorry Elder Son couldn't make it down to see you, but it looks you had a lovely day as it is. Even George looks like he's on his best behavior:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture but look at that faraway look in George's eyes - he's plotting something!
Wendy (Wales)

Suburbia said...

Sounds lovely. Your daughter looks just like you (I guess she would really, I don't know why I was surprised!)!

Jay said...

You sure you're in that shot? Looks like three kids to me, too! LOL!

It was our younger son who couldn't make it down this year. He did send the chocolate though!

Siani said...

Lovely shot - I'm pretty sure I've seen your son around and about. Can't believe how grown up and mature George looks these days, handsome hound as he is. Who's the cute spaniel? said...

This is a lovely family photo...

Liz said...

Why, thank you, miss kris!

It took a long time to get them to pose like that, napaboaniya!

You're right there, aileni.

And hope yours went well, amanda!

Rose, and to you. Yes, George was tired by that time after playing with his 'cousin', Holly Dog!

He's always plotting something, wendy!

It was lovely, suburbia.

Why, thank you too, jay! I'm still waiting for the chocolate!

Siani, that's daughter's springador, Holly.

THank you, rambling woods

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