Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meeting Suburbia

Had a lovely day yesterday meeting fellow blogger, Suburbia, for lunch.

She lives in Bristol so we met up halfway in a pub in Cardiff and the time just flew by as we ate and chatted and discovered more about the names behind the blog. And I have to say that Suburbia is just like she is on her blog: bright and funny and cheerful and lovely!

I really enjoyed the time we spent together, so thank you, Suburbia!


Suburbia said...

Thank you Liz, I enjoyed meeting you very much too :)

nick said...

Some people have all the luck. Suburbia's still just an internet phantom to me. Maybe one day I'll happen to be in Bristol....

Liz said...

I see, so you don't wnat to meet me then, nick?!

nick said...

Oh, that was rather rude of me, wasn't it? Yes of course I'd love to meet you, especially since you live in such a stunningly beautiful part of GB. I'll have to put Gower Peninsula on my To Visit list as well.

sally in norfolk said...

Isnt it great when you get to meet up with your blog friends... so glad you had agood time :-)

MissKris said...

I've never met a bloggy friend but I met pen pals I had in the past. Some were great experiences, some quite awful. Just like real life! HA! I would LOVE to meet you, Liz, and I still feel badly we weren't able to do that when you were only a few hundred miles north of me on your visit to Canada. Ah well. Wasn't meant to be at the time, I guess.

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