Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Life is hard when you are of a sensitive disposition

Although we were on the path that doesn't get George stressed, he began to look unhappy today, and started to hang back. I tried to reassure him but to no avail. He started growling quietly and walking safely behind me.

He was frightened by the handles on a rubbish bag and a car sticking out of a drive where there isn't usually a car.

He is such a sensitive soul. I think he would make a great artist. Maybe I shall give him some paint and paper in the backyard and see what he creates. Though I fear it might be quite dark in nature. The artistic equivalent of Wagner maybe. Or perhaps I should get him a piano.

He needs some outlet for all this stress and tension he bears in silence, my poor little hero.


Hullaballoo said...

Poor George, {{{George}}}. Wagner had it easy compared to him.

Jay said...

Poor George! I know the feeling. When we first got The Princess, she'd never been walked through a village, right next to a busy road. She'd shy at flapping rubbish, dustbins, other dogs, and especially buses!

Buses remained her bete noir all her life, though she got better. The first time she encountered one, she jumped and flipped so violently, she got out of her collar (luckily, I had two on her because I knew she was skittish and so she didn't get loose). By the end of her life, she was just quietly switching sides when one came past so that she could hide behind us.

Yes, give George some paint! I actually know of one greyhound who paints pawctures for charity!

Furtheron said...

I know exactly how he feels at times

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