Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Healthy eating and dopey dogs

I had low-fat hummus and ryvita for lunch, with tomatoes and beetroot, followed by a banana. And a piece of chocolate cake.
Well, some young people from church came round for tea last night and even though I gave them a large dollop of cake to take away with them, there is still some left. So I have to eat it. Don't I?

* * * * * * * * * *

We saw our first frog spawn today. There is some in the middle of the photo if you look hard, honest.
We had some in our pond last year but I think it was mutant frog spawn as, although the tadpoles grew very large, they never seemed to develop legs. Of course, it might have been the result of shock after George had jumped in the pond with them.
And speaking of George, I am a little concerned about him.
Yesterday morning when I got up and came downstairs he was lying in the hall. He didn't blink or twitch or show any sign of realising I was there until I spoke. 'Well, that's a nice welcome for me!' Then he started as if he'd had a kick up the bottom, leapt up and began to make a fuss of me.
He'd been up for a while so he can't have been that soundly asleep. Younger Son said, 'I think he day-dreams and forgets where he is.'
It's true that he often has that look about him. He 'll stop and stare in a 'What have I come in here for?' way; or, if I throw a stick for him, he'll run to it, and then turn round and look at me as if he's saying, 'Tell me again: what am I supposed to do with this stick?'
Now I could understand it if he were old or menopausal ...


jams o donnell said...

Even a dog can daydream Liz. As for the cake, it's you duty to ensure it doesn't go stale!

Leslie: said...

As for your lunch, it sounds very well balanced, in my opinion. lol

Anonymous said...

When I read the title I was a bit confused by the frogspawn piccy ;0)

Dragonstar said...

It's a sin to waste cake! Maybe George was dreaming of the cake. Or wondering why he doesn't feel the way he used to. Or (and whisper this) he might be quietening down at last!

CherryPie said...

Well it is chocolate and it is cake, do you really have to ask ;-)

The reason I love gardens so much is because the tea rooms all have cake :-)

Rose said...

My mother raised me on the principle that you don't waste food. So if no one else is going to eat that cake, it's your responsibility! At our house most desserts go waist (groan).

Any dog who's smart enough to do the dishes surely could be daydreaming, too. Perhaps he's thinking of writing a novel, too?

Liz said...

But you have to wonder what he dreams about, jams!

I thought so, leslie.

It's okay: I managed to stop george eating the frogspawn, amanda!

Do you think so, dragonstar?!!

Is it a girl thing, cherrypie?

Absolutely, rose, we are products of your parents' times. And I do hope George isn't planning a novel; there is enough competition out there as it is!

jay said...

Perhaps he has focal seizures? There is a form of epilepsy where they don't have the grand mal fits, but just go a little 'funny'. Sometimes they seem blind, or can't walk properly for a minute or two, and sometimes they act as if they don't know who you are or where they are. Often they'll bite frantically at imaginary flies.

If you think it really is odd behaviour, it's worth keeping a diary of these incidents (what happens, when, is it before food/after food, anything you can think of) and just mention it to the vet next time you see him, but these things can be difficult to diagnose. And George was probably just being George. LOL!

I understand completely about the chocolate cake, by the way. Everything else aside, it's a fine ending to such a meal. ;)

Suburbia said...

I was so impressed about that healthy list of food you had for lunch, right up until the last bit!

I can't believe how much chocolate I've eaten recently and it's not even Easter yet!

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