Monday, March 16, 2009

George gets too close to the edge

Husband had the day off today so this afternoon he joined George and me for a stroll round the cliffs. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, and the air was filled with the coconutty smell of the luscious gorse.


Sarah Lulu said...

Thata is a gorgeous photo and I was not imagining you living somewhere so close to the ocean.

Rose said...

What a beautiful setting for a walk! I'm beginning to think of George as Curious George:) Sophie is beginning puppy training classes in a month, the soonest I could get her in. The question is will I--and my house--survive till then??

Leslie: said...

I am SO jealous of your weather! It rained and snowed yesterday (didn't stick, thank goodness) and today is wet and cold! I had to turn up the furnace, too! Spring cannot come too soon for us here!

jay said...

Good grief, my heart would be in my mouth if one of my greyhounds got that close to a cliff-edge. They'd only have to see a rabbit ... Yikes! LOL!

Trubes said...

Hello much more gorgeous can George be...have I 'coined' phrase there ? Gorgeous George!

Lovely doggie and his Mum looks pretty good too!

I've been off-line for a few weeks re PC problems but now catching up with all.


mrsnesbitt said...

Great picture! For some reason there doesn't seem to be many pics of me, or hubby and me......wonder if there is something i dont know.

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a lovely photo of you and George posed on the cliffs.

Aileni said...


Liz said...

Yes, we live right next to it, sarah lulu.

Rose, my answer is in the next post!

It was very cold only a week or so ago, leslie, so I'm sure your Spring is just a day or two away.

I'm forever telling him, jay! Fortunately you don't get any rabbits out there. Not visible anyway.

He's been Georgeous for a while, trubes. Good to have you back.

mrs nesbitt, I don't know either!

Thanks, puss.

Aileni, of the weather or the sea? No, you have your own coast; it must be the weather.

Dragonstar said...

Ooo! Sun on gorse - lovely!

Gorgeous George looking - er - gorgeous again.

Gledwood said...

Aww ~ such pretty droppy-down ears! (George's not yours!!)

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