Tuesday, March 17, 2009

George, don't do that!

Especially for Rose. Eighteen months' worth of reasons for not getting a Golden Retriever puppy!

At the weekend, girls from a local stable came round selling bags of rotted manure and compost. Husband scattered it around the rose bushes. George is currently outside, picking out the manure to eat.


Anonymous said...

I think those are reasons to get one!! Very cute!!!

music - Jack Johnson :0)

A. xx

Liz said...

I had a copyright message from youtube about the music. It said because it was using copyright music 'the video will be blocked except in these countries ...'. I assumed it was going to be blocked in the UK, USA etc but they're amongst the countries it's not blocked in. I've never had that message before.

Dragonstar said...

Liz, he's given you a load of trouble I know - but those eyes...

Anna said...


Trubes said...

He hasn't even reached the 'terrible two's', yet!
Such a handsome boy he is though Liz.
Love the pictures.


Rose said...

Thank you, thank you, Liz! I loved this! You would think after my reading about George for nearly a year, I would have known better, but his antics always seemed so cute to me (via a computer monitor). But now that my furniture and carpet is beginning to look more like yours, I'm not so sure:) The vet says I have about another year and a half of puppy shenanigans to get through. Ahhh, you gotta love them. Hugs to George; he's still adorable to me.

Rose said...

Oops, forgot to mention: Sophie has been digging in the garden and finding rotting vegetation to bring in....except today I checked it out. It's not rotten pumpkin shells she's chewing on, it's cat poop! Hope George doesn't bring any of that cow manure into your house:)

Gledwood said...

George looks like a baby seal...

ps he seems EXCEPTIONALLY naughty... why is that??

Katney said...

And without George you would do exactly WHAT? You would be very lost and looking for a puppy, that's what!

My sis had a Siberian Husky who was very hyperactive. She asked the vet when he would settle down. The vet said about age seven. Sure enough, Thor started to settle down about age seven. So when actually are the terrible twos for a dog?

Liz said...

Hi all, I hope it's obvious I love him to bits and wouldn't change him for the world.

Terrible twos? Terrible ones and twos and threes at least I should think. He's not naughty, he's ... playful. And hungry. And greedy. And the film doens't show his escapes or the turkey he ate or ...

Leslie: said...

The music wasn't blocked here in Canada either.

I think you might have another "Marley and Me" story to write, Liz. Those last 3 photos just about made me cry! :D

Anonymous said...

So enjoyed looking at all these pics. Some we've already seen and lots more that were new. All with the same theme and showing a beautiful independant boy - I know you are proud of him really!
Wendy (Wales)

Furtheron said...

Thank you!!! :-)

DeeJay said...

Two in one day - thank you again Liz
Wow 18 months already, if that sequence is anything to go by his life story will run to about 48 hours!!

Tell me does he have to practice that stoopid "what me?" look?

Liz said...

No, he's perfected that look, deejay. And the 'I'm so hard-done-by look too.'

Furtheron, I dare you to show this to your daughter!

Oh, I am proud of him, wendy!

Leslie, marley had nothing on George!

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