Sunday, March 22, 2009

Congratulations to the Irish!

I had nails (of sorts) on my fingers at 5.30 pm last night; by 7.30, they were in shreds.

The final game of the competition and the decider, the one on which it all - the championship, Triple Crown, Grand Slam - depended. And the tension lasted until the final whistle.

Five minutes to go and Stephen Jones kicked a drop goal putting Wales in front. Minutes later Ronan O'Gara did the same for the Irish. Then when we thought it was all over, Wales were given a penalty and Stephen Jones attempted a kick, from almost on the halfway line, to win the game - and the Triple Crown. He missed and it really was all over.

To be fair, and you know me, I'm not in the least bit biased, Ireland deserved to win, so congratulations to them on doing the Grand Slam for the first time since 1948. The fact that the cameras kept going to Jack Kyle, a member of Ireland's last Grand Slam-winning team helped. Ah, bless him, I kept thinking: wouldn't it be nice for him?

But it's been a funny old competition with erratic performances from every team. And there isn't one side that you could imagine consistently beating Southern hemisphere sides. But we've got a couple of years to continue to improve before the next World Cup.

The British & Irish Lions don't have so long to prepare for their trip to South Africa: they set off in May. The good thing is that S. Africa is roughly on the same time zone as us so we won't have to be in the pub at 9 o'clock in the morning to watch the games. (They're on Sky and we don't have Sky.)


NitWit1 said...

Sounds like your as devoted of your sports team(s) as I am football in US. Although I certainly have a favorite team I watch football, mostly professional, but occasionally Arena football and college football. I can hardly wait for football season to start again in August. Carol

Lindsay said...

It was good and exciting rugby watching. South Africa are my least favourite team - they rough and dirty so hope The Lions survive!

Furtheron said...

I agree with your assessment of the championship overall, where were the French again England, they annihilated Italy and beat Wales. The Irish were lucky against England due to the English curse of in-discipline, then the English twice had great first halves (France and Scotland) that disappeared in the 2nd.

Glad the Irish got it as I think on the day they deserved to win and to get the 60 year bogie off their backs.

However like you say - put any of them up against the Southern Hemisphere teams and ... oh dear. Much to do before the world cup.

jams o donnell said...

THere were celbrations at my parents' home. Dad was 22 when Jackie Kyle took the last Grand Slam, he feared he would die before it happened again

Liz said...

I guess that's American football you're talking about, nitwit. (I do feel bad calling you Nitwit!)

It would be good if we could beat the Boks, Lindsay.

I wonder why that is, furtheron.

I'm pleased for your father, jams! And for the Irish generally. ("As long as we beat the English, that's okay ...")

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