Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blowing away the cobwebs

Much as I love the cliffs in the sunshine I think I prefer them on wild days. Instead of miserable 'Sunday walkers' who scowl at you, you get loonies who grin and say, 'Lovely weather.' Although we didn't even get those today as the cliffs were deserted. Today the rain was being blown in off the sea, refreshing and rejuvenating. And we spoted our first violets of the year!!! Yay! I skipped the rest of the way.
When we got back to Langland, George spotted heaven: dogs on the beach. He went haring off but nobody wanted to play with him! He came back to me, looking dejected, but then said, 'I must have got it wrong. They will want to play with me,' and set off again. He returned, shaking his head, 'Five dogs and not one of them wants to play with me!'
I told him they must have been snooty Langland dogs, and it's not him, it's them.


Gledwood said...

Maybe he barks in a Yorkshire accent and they come from Lancashire...

(or maybe you've taught him to bark in English and them lot were a load of Plaid Cymru fundamentalists!)

starnitesky said...

I like misty photos and it is nice to have the place to yourself sometimes.

CherryPie said...

I agree, I love to watch the sea when it is a bit wild!

Aileni said...

You should be doing TruColour - Violet was the colour but nobody had real violets... as far as I know.

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