Tuesday, December 02, 2008


The Birthday Boy enjoys an ice cream by the sea-shore. (Actually I'm not sure if he enjoyed the ice-cream: I made him have it for the photo!)
When I was a little girl growing up in Mumbles, our local ice cream parlour was Fortes. When the Macari brothers who ran Fortes retired, Joe's took over their Mumbles parlour but the cafe in Limeslade retained the Fortes name and continued to make the same ice cream.
I suppose your favourite ice cream will depend on what you're brought up. As far as I was - and am - concerned, nobody can better Fortes; people brought up living closer to Swansea tend to be aficionados of Joe's.
So I was a little bit concerned when I saw my ice cream yesterday.
'Does this look the same as usual to you?'
'It looks a bit yellower than it usually does,' Husband said. Ah, so it wasn't just me!
'And do you think it tastes different too?'
'Not particularly.'
Well, I did. It seemed more granular. I was so convinced I went back in the cafe and asked if it was the same. The woman behind the counter, thinking I was complaining, instantly defended it, 'Yes, it was only made yesterday.'
Which wasn't what I meant. But she was on the defensive and wasn't going to admit that they'd changed the recipe even if they had.
I'm hoping it was just my cold tongue that wasn't working properly. I will be very distressed if proper Fortes ice cream has gone for ever.
And I'm betting Aileni is a Joe's man!


Anonymous said...

I always had a North Pole at Limeslade - I loved that ice cream. I frequented the Oystermouth parlour a lot, my two friends and I always had coffee after cycling down. Joe's opposite the Crypt was a regular and also Valerio's opposite the old General. I knew Paul V - he became a Councillor I believe.
I am an ice ream addict.
Did you ever visit Castcarini's on the front at Porthcawl? Knickerbocker
Glories there.

Liz said...

I love north poles too. I don't remember Valerio's but I rarely visited town as a child.

No, I've never been to Castcarini's. they used to have a model knickebocker glory in the widow in Fortes original parlour and it was something i could only ever dream of. Now I don't think I'd want one: too fussy!

Furtheron said...

Happy birthday to him....

Leslie: said...

The best ice cream I ever had was in Llangollen (probably spelled it wrong)... so rich and creamy! But I also have to say that real Italian gelatto is awfully yummy, too. :D

CherryPie said...

Too chilly for ice cream. Well the heating did break down in the office yesterday!

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