Thursday, December 25, 2008

I am in trouble

I shut George in the kitchen when we were watching Doctor Who - and he ate the remains of the turkey!

Just these two wings were left when Younger Son went into the kitchen to make himself a turkey sandwich ...

So, how's your day been?!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, dear! Whatever will you do?! Simi is gasping in admiration of George! Oh, yes ... Buon Natale!x

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, what a naughty thing George is. Bobo and I have had a quiet day together, with fish pie for lunch and broccoli and stilton soup for tea. The boys come back tomorrow, so we will do the whole turkey shabazz then. The flat has been unnaturally quiet.

I hope you enjoyed Dr Who anyway, merry Christmas.


Suburbia said...

At least you won't be worrying over what to do with the leftovers!

(will he be sick?)

Siani said...

That's why I stick with small dogs. Kitchen surfaces are usually out of reach to them. I hope the bones don't cause George any problems. He really is a naughty boy! But very cute...

sally in norfolk said...

I have said it before..BUT your a saint putting up with that happy happy christmas x

CherryPie said...

At least it was only the remains and he didn't get it before lunch!!!

Katney said...


We would make luscious bread in the bread machine. Slice some to go with our dinner and leave the rest of the loaf on the counter.

Fresh bread? I need another slice. Where did you put the bread?


Babe loved bread. She would finish the whole loaf while we had a slice.

I miss Babe.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Evidently not as good a day as George had! What a score! Hope he didn't get sick from his Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Well. I suppose it puts an end to eating turkey for four or five days.
They say the bones are bad for a dog because they can choke on them...
apparently George survived that form of choking anyway.
Mmmm - I should have read the other comments first.

Liz said...

George started strutting when I told him about Simi, Welshcakes!

Have a lovely second Christmas with the boys, hulla!

Not sick so far, sub. Bit runny the other end though!

He gets away with far too much because he's cute, siani!

My halo is sparkling, sally!!

We'd probably have roasted him if he'd got there before lunch, cherrypie!

You do miss them, don't you, katney?

Morning Glories, i think he has an iron stomach.

I'd deliberately bought a smaller than usual turkey, aileni, but some turkey sandwiches would have been nice!

jmb said...

This is why I never have a big dog! They can reach anything.
No turkey for me. Still snowed in on Boxing Day with even more falling. What a year. What ever happened to global warming?

Gledwood said...

what a greedy swine! that is hilarious though I'm in an internet caff surrounded by mixed company I don't know & trying not to laugh...


Dragonstar said...

I'm glad to read, in a later post, that George didn't suffer from his unwise binge. You really can't take your eyes off him, can you?!

Jay said...

Tut, tut, George! Don't you know you're not supposed to eat the monkey's food? AND you shouldn't have eaten all those turkey bones, either!

I bet you got no supper! LOL!

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