Thursday, December 04, 2008

Here's to you, kev

There are four kinds of people at Zac's.

First of all there are the takers. The ones whose lives are so messed up that there's no room for giving or even thinking about it. Selfishness is almost an understood part of the condition. And that's fine; that's what Zac's is there for.

The next - very small - group take and could give but don't unless they really really have to. And, by the way, I'm not talking about financial giving.

The third group is the one I consider myself part of. I take but also try to give back when I can. The bikers belong to this group and I know they do a whole lot of stuff the specifics of which I'm unaware of.

And then there's Kev. Kev does it all. There are others like him but I'm picking him out specially because he's my co-organiser for Saturday's Christmas Fair. And if he hadn't been there I'd have really been wobbly on a straggly branch by now. (Sean and the bikers are away this weekend; yes, I know that's bad planning!)

Kev's done loads of manual labour in Zac's over the last months and he's well aware of the financial problems and wants to help. He doesn't have a lot materially and his life hasn't been easy but that doesn't stop him. We took some posters round local shops today and then flyered a couple of streets that hadn't been done. In that hour we saw a couple of Big Issue sellers and an addict and Kev knew them all by name. He hugged one and had words of encouragement for each.

He has a huge generosity of spirit that floods every aspect of his life - and a wonderful oop-north accent. Here's to you, Kev!