Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas dinner x 2

We had our staff lunch today and very lovely it was too. I spent most of the time playing with and reading to Malachi and Evie, so I enjoyed myself playing at honorary grandma.
This is the cake I gave my to my giftee. It was meant to be holly not bells but I discovered late last night that cutting out holly freehand isn't as easy as you might think, and I happened to have a bell cutter.
My gift from Secret Santa was elephant poo. Complete with a Christmas tree seed. It says that by next Christmas I will have a mini tree. I shall keep you informed of progress though, knowing my talent for killing green things, I wouldn't hold your breath.
Now I'm about to get ready to go out for my second Christmas dinner of the day. It's a hard life but someone has to do it.
Daughter and Son-in-law plus Holly Dog and Charlie Cat have arrived for the weekend, and Elder Son and Daughter-in-law will be here later. We're having a pretend Christmas dinner tomorrow. Daughter brought some of her yummy cookies for me. Mmm. Just what I needed in between two dinners.
One of the friends we're eating with tonight is a Linden trustee and was invited to the lunchtime meal today but he turned it down saying he couldn't eat two dinners in one day ...


CherryPie said...

Sounds like a fun evening and weekend to me :-)

Jay said...

That cake looks great! And all you got was elephant poop? Hahaha!

Eunoia said...

Heffalump o' Poo?
Heffalump o' Poo??
Heffalump o' Poo???

I WOULD hold my breath!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Elephant poo? Is that really what you said, Liz??

Suburbia said...

I wish I'd thought of elephant poo for my secret santa!

Hippy Mama said...

So do you plant the seed in the elephant poo? How much elephant poo? I *do* spend far too much time with children ;0)

the cake looks lovley, have a lovley weekend :0)

James Higham said...

cutting out holly freehand isn't as easy as you might think

I should say not, Liz.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

As you say, someone has to do it! Pretty cake - the bells are very effective, actually.

Leslie: said...

What a gorgeous cake! Is that ribbon around the edge?

jams o donnell said...

It looks great with bells Liz.. or Teachers, or Famous Grouse! Seriously have a happy Christmas Liz

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