Thursday, October 09, 2008

Worse than a Beetle?

I gave Glenn a lift home from circuit training this evening. He was quite excited. 'I've never been in a Beetle before.'

He then spent 5 minutes sitting in a Beetle while I tried to make my seat belt work.
'Would you like me to help you?' he asked.
'No, it's okay. It just needs fiddling with. It's one of her little foibles.'

When we eventually got going, the glove compartment fell open.
'Ha ha, that's another of her little foibles.'
He said, 'It's okay. We had an old American rust-bucket when we lived in Cambodia. It even had its own bullet holes. The only good thing about it was that the air conditioning worked. The day that packed up was the day we knew the car had to go.'


jmb said...

There you go, that Beetle is not so bad.

Furtheron said...

I had a Hillman Avenger once - it had been my brothers and some how I ended up with it. It was fine unless it rained - the wipers seemed to have a mind of their own catching on the outside of the screen or themselves - it was a nightmare and very dangerous.

For years I'd hate driving in the rain convinced all cars had the same issue... :-)

I have fond memories of beetles - an old friend of the family had one which was great and she used to give me lifts to my guitar lessons which were about 10 miles away down and back up a really big hill (well by Kent standards). Every time she'd crash the gears as we hit the hairpin at the bottom and she'd say something like "Come on old girl we don't want any of your playing up do we".

Dragonstar said...

Seat belts ALWAYS give trouble - fact of life! Every car has foibles, too, stick with the ones you know and understand.

Liz said...

She's lovely, jmb.

Admittedly her wipers don't work, furtheron! And I do like to encourage her.

Absolutely, dragonstar.

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