Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Well done, Middle Beach Lodge!

Later on in our holiday and since we've been home, Husband has been bemoaning the loss of his woolly hat. He'd had it for 33 years and was sad to think that he'd never see it again.
Today a package arrived: it was Husband's hat! Middle Beach Lodge had found it and were returning it to its owner. How good is that?! I mean, it's not a precious piece of jewellery or an expensive silk shirt. It's just an old woolly hat.
Well done, Middle Beach Lodge!


Anonymous said...

Old hats matter. I have had my BP Super Visco-Static freebee hat since the 1974 TT. I would hate to lose it.
Wear every summer for the bald spot.

Anonymous said...

I saw the coolest fur lined khaki ear warmer hats in Matalan the other day. The boys thought they were a hoot.

And yes, looking at hoovers? Bad idea, honey, far to technical. What about a carpet sweeper? Whatever happened to them?

leslie said...

That's Candians fer ya! ;)

Dragonstar said...

What a lovely thing to do! Mind, it's an excellent way to make the customers happy - bet you'll go back if you get the chance!

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