Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We are more than conkerors

Every year it's the same. I cannot control my desire. I have to collect conkers.
I would say it was the hunter/gatherer instinct but I don't do anything with them. They just sit in a bowl until they shrivel and I finally throw them away. But, when fresh, they have such a glorious rich glossy shine to them. They look just as I'd like my hair to appear.
Husband is the same with frogspawn. Every Spring you'll find him browsing in ponds and collecting sloppy handfuls of the stuff. At least there is some purpose to frogspawn: it turns into frogs and they're good for the garden. Or normally they turn into frogs. Last time I looked in our pond at the baby froglets, they were still legless tadpoles. Enormous tadpoles but legless and showing no sign of morphing.
Did I tell you about the frogspawn and the school pond? Yes, I'm sure I did. But we were under a lot of pressure at the time.


Anonymous said...

Cn we come over to you and go conkering, our are rubbish :0( I love the colour of conkers too :0)

they are ALL ASLEEP!!!!!

leslie said...

Gosh, that's the colour my hair was as a child!

Dragonstar said...

I adore the colour of fresh conkers! And yes, you did tell us about the school frogspawn, but I won't remind anyone if you don't!

Liz said...

You can come any time, hippy mama! I would love to have some children again to go conkering with. I feel a bit silly when it's just me and george.

It must have been lovely, leslie.

That's okay then, dragonstar. It can be our little secret!

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