Thursday, October 02, 2008

View from the breakfast table

While in Tofino, on the west side of Vancouver Island, we stayed in Middle Beach Lodge, looking out over the Pacific Ocean.

Just outside Jasper National Park, in Folding Mountain Village, we stayed at Wyndswept B&B, with hosts, Glenda and Bob. From the breakfast room window we looked out on Pocahontas and the Chief. Pocahontas is the furthest mountain and, if you look carefully, you'll see her face as she lies back and looks up at the sky. The Chief is closer but isn't quite so clear - he's missing a nose - but, apparently when snows falls in the ridges it looks as if he's wearing a full head-dress. That's Bob standing behind Daughter. He cooked the most amazing 3 course breakfasts for us to enjoy while looking at the view.


Dragonstar said...

I know I'm weird, but I can see the Chief clearly, but I can't see Pocahontas! What a view!

Neva said...

What an amazing view! wow....

Liz said...

She looks a bit misty in that photo, it's true, dragonstar. And from the other side of the mountain she looks like an old hag!

It was, neva.

starnitesky said...

I'm enjoying your Canada photos so far - not getting bored yet!

CherryPie said...

What a great view :-)

Bob said...

Thank you for hosting pictures from our B&B, right after you left the leaves started changing yellow and orange and a tad of snow up top, but we are not yet experiencing even a feel of winter coming on, it is 24 to 28 degrees, we cannot believe it.So we finished our decks and are building a rock wall on the deck off the room you daughter stayed in. Thanks once again for you lovely email..
OH the mama bear and her three babies were caught and tranquillized and moved 100 miles north and now we are living with a cougar, so the wardens are out here daily scouting around. Never a dull moment. Thanks again.
If anyone wants to see more pictures from the B&B check out



leslie said...

Middle Beach Lodge is where my friend Cathy has stayed twice. And we had reservations there before we had to cancel our trip due to my back problems. Glad you liked it. The B&B looks nice, too.

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