Friday, October 24, 2008

Table Manners

Husband didn't arrive home from Reading last night until about 8.30, after I'd returned from circuit training. I'd started - and Younger Son had finished while I'd been exercising - making a curry for dinner. Husband, tired and grumpy, flopped in front of the television. I said to Younger Son, 'We'll have our dinner on trays.'
Younger Son was indignant. 'No, we won't. We'll sit at the table properly to eat it.'


Dragonstar said...

Good for younger son! Obviously well brought up.

Suburbia said...

I don't know about table manners. Tables turned more like!!

leslie said...

I don't have that problem at all...I just sit and watch TV with the plate on my lap! If I spill, it's my own fault. lol

Liz said...

Sometimes, when they're little, you wonder if gthey'll ever learn, but then they surprise you, dragonstar, don't they?

I was suitably chastened, suburbia!

Sometimes, leslie, a tray on my lap is just what is called for.

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