Thursday, October 16, 2008


jay is a positive wonder, a fount of information!

She tells me that Spid is probably Spidy and is a tegenaria domestica. Jay also suggested I set her free using the old paper under a glass trick.

I have to say that Spidy wasn't awfully co-operative, refusing to budge from her position on the bendy side of the bath until I 'encouraged ' her, and then it was all systems go. Which mostly meant a lot of squeaking and not from her. But without an overly amount of undue stress I got her to the window-sill in my bedroom and here she is waiting to be set free.

And here she is deciding she doesn't like the look of the big outside world and would rather cling on to my book. And that's where I left them both.

Jay, aka The All-Knowing One, also suggested that the mystery flower could be an angel's trumpet. I compared it with google images and I think she could be right. I emailed Butchart Gardens yesterday to ask them to identify the plant for me; unless they say otherwise, I will bow to Jay in her wisdom.

She also loves Johnny Depp, which makes her indubitably wise in my eyes.


Furtheron said...

I have a collection of spiders currently in the front garden.

There's at least 5 of them - all garden spiders like this one...

They've built these amazing webs - one was from the tree that overhangs from the road down and into my ferns - that must be at least 9ft by 6ft... I amazed by them. However it's windy this week I doubt they'll survive.

Jay said...


Well done! I've taught my arachnophobic Other Half to do this and he will now catch them - if I'm not available - unless they're on bendy bits, near bolt-holes, or look too big and scary. I know it takes courage from people who don't like them.

I'll be interested to see what the Butchart Gardens say about the flower! I've added you to my news feeder so I can keep an eye on ya! ;)

CherryPie said...

You are braver than me!!!

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