Thursday, October 09, 2008

My new hoover arrived

It's the wrong colour. It's silver not red.

When I ordered it I checked with Customer Services and they said they didn't know what colour it would be but that I could send it back, free of charge, if it wasn't red.

But if I do:
a) will I be able to find one anywhere in red - bearing in mind they only had silver in the local shops - or is there a world shortage?
b) will I be able to match the cheap price?
c) will my carpets ever get cleaned again?

The alternative is to keep the silver one and sing while hoovering, to cheer myself up (the reason for having a red one in the beginning).

I guess we both know the sensible decision. And the decision for someone who is just too idle to phone and arrange pick-up and start all over again.


sally in norfolk said...

funny how colour is so important to some of us..... I always like things in a certain colour and for the same reasons as you do... nice colours cheer me up and keep me happy :-) :-)

cheshire wife said...

I would stick with the silver hoover. Silver is class.

Anyway, do you want all the hassle of sending it back, for them to send you another silver one, instead of red.

Suburbia said...

I would love a red hoover! I always wanted red shoes as a child. Now I want leopard print heels!! Do you think they do hoovers in that colourway?!

CherryPie said...

Send it back and get the red ;-) LOL

jmb said...

Oh just paint a red stripe on it and keep it. It won't work any better if it is red.

leslie said...

Why don't you paint some big red zigzaggy stripes on it and sing "Zippidy Doo Day, Zippidy Ay, My oh My What a Wonderful Day" you zip around the house hoovering.

leslie said...

Oh! I just read jmb's post! Great minds think alike, it appears. LOL

Mauigirl said...

When it really comes right down to it, the silver one probably works just as well as the red.

Why don't you buy yourself a red scarf or sweater to cheer yourself up for ending up with the wrong color?

Dragonstar said...

What a shame it's not the red one you wanted. I'm sure it will work just as well though, and you can always stick smileys on it to cheer yourself up!

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