Monday, October 27, 2008

Monochrome Monday

When we first saw this building in Vancouver we thought the image had been painted on the side, but on our trolley-bus tour of the city, the guide said it was built using different coloured bricks. Can you imagine how much planning went into that?!

To take part in Monochrome Monday, visit aileni and go to the Mr Linky page as well.


Anonymous said...

Time and Gold - must have taken a lot of both to do this.

Dragonstar said...

Really? What an incredible endeavour!

Daryl said...

Wonderful .. the angle is perfect!


B. Roan said...

Looks like a monumental challenge, although I think it was worth it. BJ

Carver said...

That is amazing Liz. Hard to believe that it's not painted.

Jan said...

Great photo, and thanks for the background on the building. Amazing.

~Just Me~ said...

Wow, thats amazing. Cool shot!

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