Monday, October 06, 2008

Monochrome Monday

I was brought up in Mumbles in a house called Albert House. It was my family home for many years and the 3 wide slate front steps leading to the always-open front door were a favourite place for photos for many generations. (Also for sitting on in the summer when they warmed up lovely.) This photo must have been taken in the early 30s. The brides at the double wedding were two of my gran's sisters, Charlotte (Lottie) on the left and Grace on the right. My mum is the bridesmaid at the front on the right. The bridesmaid at the front on the left is my (great-)Auntie Joan and she's also in the photo below.

This one was taken yesterday at my uncle's lunch party. As you see the family is

gathered on stairs again, just different ones. Auntie Joan is standing at the bottom. She's looking pretty good for a lady who's 90 next year, I think. Sitting above me on the stairs are Lottie's daughter and grand-daughter.And so the family goes on and on ...

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful - also wonderful that you are so close to your roots with relatives with long memories. Make the best of those memories while you can.
Considering my Swansea roots, there is no longer a family to connect to. I regret that but we are making our own family here.
Ask them if they remember Roberts the Draper in Brynamor Road, or Noyle the Ironmonger.

mrsnesbitt said...

Family pictures....the best there is!

Dragonstar said...

Wonderful photos. Two family photos linked by a grand old lady - can't be better than that.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Great post Liz, we (my brother and I) have just connected with a lady who is connected to us ..through a complicated family tree. My brother and I found her and link within one night of searching, and there it was, all our history going back to our Great-Great Grandad who left Scotland for Malta.

leslie said...

Phab Photos, Liz! I happen to be the keeper of the family photos and have lots of old ones that date back to when my grandmother was born in the late 1800s.

Looks like you all were having a lovely time - everyone looks so happy. :D

Mean Mom said...

Great photos. A much more relaxed group in the second one! One of my favourite occupations, as a child, was to look through the family photos. My own lads have shown no interest whatsoever in looking through ours!

cheshire wife said...

Lovely photos.

Why isn't anybody smiling in the black and white photo?

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

I just love old family photos. Thanks for sharing yours, they are wonderful!

Rose said...

I hope I look that good if and when I'm ninety! It's wonderful that you have so many extended family members around and can spend time with them.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hey, your great aunt looks wonderful for her years. My mum will be 90 next year, too. I'll get to see how she looks in a couple of weeks as I'm off to NZ for a visit.

Mojo said...

There's a neat kind of "fast forward" for you! Very cool!

BlogBlast for Peace - 11.6.2008

Carver said...

That is so great Liz. I love both of the photographs and so great to have a large extended family.

I wanted to tell you that in the U.S. in the town I live in, unless it's an ornamental grass, you aren't supposed to let your grass get over 6 inches tall. If I were ever cited for the part of my back garden which has tall wild grasses as well as wild flowers, I would make a case that it's a habitat garden (which is true) and hopefully would be left alone.

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