Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I had a brilliant time in prison yesterday!

You know sometimes how life just goes along? My life, or rather my writing life, has been doing that for months now. For years actually. It's been a case of just hanging on in there, dealing with, and persevering in spite of, rejection after rejection, ignored submissions and lack of success.

But suddenly it's perked up.

I have a new website to write for - and that means getting paid! Yay! I know being paid isn't necessarily a mark of success but it doesn't half help your self-esteem.

A photographer I contacted about a possible book collaboration has got back to me and is very enthusiastic; we're meeting to discuss it next week.

A non-fiction manuscript I submitted to a publisher is being considered: they emailed me to tell me so and when you're used to not getting a reply at all that's almost as good as a 6 figure advance. (I'm easily pleased.)

And I had a brilliant time in the prison yesterday! I met with three inmates and we're going to be working on some pieces for the Christmas carol service. They were so enthusiastic and up for it, it was just amazing. I feel really privileged to have the opportunity.

And last night at Zac's there were some interesting thoughts on developing the community there, and that's great too! And Ros and I spent the latter part of the evening avoiding talking to each other and saying goodbye. At last, when it was very late, I said, 'I'm going now, goodbye.' We hugged and then went back to pretending it wasn't happening. So that's all right then.

Tra la la.


Dragonstar said...

Positive feedback - great! I do hope your writing life can take off now.

James Higham said...

Very interesting heading, Liz.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Congratulations Liz...very positive indeed!!

Thanks for the update about WL. Hope we hear more very soon.

Anonymous said...

Oooh well done, Sounds really good :0)

(write a book about Autism, a real one because most of the ones I've read are not how it is at all)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I so love it when good things happen to good people! Especially good people I really like!

Suburbia said...

Congratulations on your writing thing :)

Good bye is so hard. You are being brave

jmb said...

Congratulations Liz. I'm sure it won't make you rich but it gives the old ego a boost.

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