Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A-hoovering I will go

So we went looking at hoovers yesterday.

I knew it was going to be a bad idea.

How many different types of hoovers can you get? Too many. All with different combinations, power and suckiness. I made it simpler by insisting on having a Hoover; we've always had them and my granny had them before me so it's a family tradition. Husband didn't mind as Dysons were very expensive. And all the others were just variations on a theme.

We found one - a fairly simple one as realistically I am not ever going to hoover my curtains or upholstery - at a good price and then discovered they only had it in silver. The one on display was bright red and that was what I wanted to cheer me up when I have to clean.

I've just ordered one from the internet at £95 (£5 cheaper); I'm just hoping it's going to be red otherwise there'll be trouble.

That's one good thing about getting older: I know my limitations. there were times when I would have insisted on having one that had bits specially for ridding your mattress of bed mites or removing allergy-creating dust from your venetian blinds. Now I know - and can admit - that I wouldn't dream of spending my time doing such stupid things.


Lindsay said...

We have a Miele Cat and Dog hoover. Sadly as you know, Rescue Dog is no longer with us - but it sucks up anything it its path including stray socks.

Anonymous said...

I was so pleased to read that you don't hoover your curtains or upholstery! There are definitely better things to do - like playing with George. x
Wendy (Wales)

leslie said...

Who hoovers their beds???

jmb said...

A woman after my own heart. Do as little housework as you can get away with. There are much more interesting things to do.

Dragonstar said...

When they invent one that does the work without making me leave the computer (or the book, or even the walk!) then I'm getting it if I have to take out a loan! I hate housework - and I have it on good authority that housework makes you ugly!!!