Tuesday, October 07, 2008

He's back!

And, after a week of strict rations and long walks, beginning to look more like his old self. You notice how dirty he is? And we were only at the start of the walk. On the final leg home, I saw George stop and go into 'oh goody, people, they'll want to talk to me' mode. Sure enough a couple appeared from around the corner. Simultaneously the inner banshee escaped and began to scream, 'GEORGE! Don't jump up!! Whatever you do, DON'T JUMP UP!'

The woman was wearing a black dress - the sort I'd wear out to a posh do - with a short white jacket, black tights and smart shoes. No, I don't know what she was doing walking in the woods like that either.

Fortunately the man heard me - really he couldn't fail to - and he grabbed George by the collar until I could get there and put him on his lead. I dread to think what the consequences could have been if he hadn't acted swiftly.
Umbrellas and tea trays for fairies in the woods.


jams o donnell said...

What on earth sort of dress is that for a walk in the woods. Just as well George was caught in time!

Rose said...

Umm, it does make you wonder what she was dressed for...
George is looking trimmer; love the fairy umbrellas and tea trays!

jmb said...

Those mushrooms are great. Thanks goodness disaster was averted this time!

Further on up the road said...

I'll not speculate on why she was walking in the woods dressed like that... okay I have and it's not too gracious a thought I'm afraid ;-)

Anonymous said...

George is looking very grown up, not that that means anything.
Marvelous colours in the fungus shots... some things you must have colour for.

Dragonstar said...

Well done that man! He probably realised she was inappropriately dressed - was she wearing stillettos?

Those umbrellas and teatrays are gorgeous! What lovely colours.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

George is looking very handsome--and very proud of himself--like he just did something he knows he shouldn't have, but got away with anyway!

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