Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heebie jeebies

George has got a bad case of the heebie jeebies tonight. He keeps staring up at windows and barking. What with that and our hall light going on and off it's like living in my own little House of Horrors.

I wonder if it's a full moon tonight. We noticed that it affected Harvey. He would go and sit in the garden and stare at it.


Suburbia said...

Can he hear fireworks in the distance? or don't thoses scare him? I know he's a gun dog but mums gun dog is scared stiff of fireworks and loud noises in general!

Anonymous said...

Its not full moon yet - I know when it is because it effects the younger 3 here :0(

Dragonstar said...

Sorry Liz - it's New Moon. If you get clear skies (some hope!) you might see a vary thin crescent in a night or two.

Jay said...

Perhaps it is fireworks in the distance, as suburbia says?

I'm hoping The Princess will be OK this year - she hates them. I bought some Zylkene to try. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

He can probably hear little horrors Tricking and Treating.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Liz, it is a new moon, and I experience strange things with my cat, he goes running all over the place, and I can tell you he never does this, he sleeps most of the day!!

There is a great deal of research going into the effects on animals and the change of moons. Also research on the effects on humans!

Puss-in-Boots said...

There are a couple of reasons for that, Liz. One is the new moon and the other is Halloween coming up...all the spookies are getting restless and the animals can tell.

Hah, you thought it was going to be some learned scientific explanation, didn't you? Sorry...

leslie said...

This is his first Halloween, isn't it? He knows something's up and he's getting excited. What's he going to wear tomorrow night when he's out trick or treating? lol

Liz said...

It might be fireworks, suburbia, but why would he stare like crazy at the kitchen window?!!

I heard a radio programme abut the effects of the moon on people, amanda. It's interesting.

OKay, dragonstar, perhaps it's new moons that frighten him!

George is only nearly 14 months so last fireworks night he was just full of youthful exuberance anyway. Harvey was fine for a few years, then he started getting upset by fireworks and then finally he was too deaf to hear them!

Shall I set him on the little terrors, aileni?!

So it could be the new moon affecting George then, anne.

It's those spooks definitely, robyn!

I'm training him to chase trick or treaters, leslie!

Anonymous said...

interesting... erm its exhausting!!

I've got to look into it more, but I do know that other friends with ASD kids also report that their kiddo's are hyper/grumpy/sleep less around full moon and also new/no moon.

One thereoy (sp) I heard was that as the moon affects tides it affects humans too as we are mostly made up of water ;0/

I have a moon phase widget on my blog so I know when to stock up on chocolate (for me)!!!

Anonymous said...

oh and you probably know this anyway but 'loonie' is from luna/ moon as in howl at the moon...

jams o donnell said...

I was wondering if it was fireworks. My four furry masters are all in.. partly because it's cold but mainly because the neighbours are geting into the start of Guy Fawkes month

Liz said...

Where do you get those moon phase widgets, amanda?!!!

My in-laws live in derby, jams, and they reckon that firreworks go on for the whole month because of a muslim fetsival? Sikh? Hindu?

Anonymous said...


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