Monday, October 20, 2008

George wasn't well

George was poorly yesterday evening. He didn't even want his tea. He kept barking to go out and then seemed to be retching a little. His tummy looked quite large and felt firm. I asked Husband, 'Did he eat anything on his walk this afternoon?'
'Only grass and horse poo.'

Later it occurred to me that when I'd dished up his dinner, the bag of food that we keep in the pantry was wet. Our guess is that George called in there after his walk and gorged himself.

If only we could feel confident that now he would have learned.

P.S. He's been fine today.


Jay said...

Poor George! No, I doubt he'll learn!

Grass and horse poo! Well, grass is a well know doggie salad item and horse poo is full of vitamin B! Not sure I'd regard it as a menu item though! LOL!

I'm glad he's feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

Don't dogs eat grass when they feel 'off' or is'nt George that fussy ;0)

poor George, glad he's better today :0)

Vic Grace said...

Maybe his food had fermented or had mold on it from being wet. Dogs eat all sorts of things but usually when they eat feces there is some deficiency in their diet, or at least that is what I have read.

Thanks for starting to come to my blog I appreciate it.

jmb said...

He does seem a bit of a slow learner Liz. Does he roll in the horse poo too? That was Miss Cleo's favourite trick and we live near an official horse trail. You had to be ever vigilant on walks.

Rose said...

I'm sure it must have been the damp dog food that made him ill, not the horse poo! Our Roco used to always eat grass when he had indigestion; I think it makes a dog regurgitate the offending "food." Poor George; glad he is feeling better.

Liz said...

George says thank you for your concern. 'I always eat grass, doesn't everyone? But I only like to eat very fresh or quite old horse poo: I am fussy, you know. I don't roll it in though! What a waste of good food that would be. Although if Cleo did it perhaps I should give it a try ...'

Lindsay said...

I don't think labradors learn much when it comes to the their tummy! We 'lost' our labrador once and found he had been over 24 hours in a neighboruing farm eating calf food. His stomach was a sight to see. Within a week, during a walk, the same dog came across a dead hare ahead of us - I shouted "NO" but the hare was eaten down in about four gulps. We kept this dog outside for a couple of days expecting an explosion - but all was well!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Retrievers and labradors are stomachs on four legs...they are always eating, even when they've just been fed. I know...I had one exactly like George!

Dragonstar said...

My clever husband just suggested hanging his food out of reach. I'm sure that would require a pulley, and I have enough imagination to know what what would happen next - enter George of the Jungle!

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