Tuesday, October 14, 2008

George of the Jungle - Director's Cut

The full version.

Husband was working from home yesterday and he came for a walk with George and me. When he spotted the vine, he leapt on it and started swinging. That was enough to persuade George that this was a good idea. Unfortunately yesterday I didn't have the camera with me (unusually) and missed him tumbling off the edge of the river-bank. Today I took my camera in the hope of encouraging George to do a repeat performance.

He didn't need any encouragement.


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

So funny! Bo was asleep on my feet when I started the movie, and he jumped when George barked. When he barked again he ran to the window wagging his tail, and refuses to leave. He thinks George is coming to play!

jmb said...

Oh dear if this is a regular occurrence I can see a big dental bill at the vets!

Dragonstar said...

Beautiful!! What a shame you didn't have the camera when hubby did the trick, but I'm sure George will give many hours of amusement!

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