Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flowers in my eyes

Cleaning the lounge today (do you notice I always manage to mention any housework I do?) I realised something: it is just about 20 years since we moved into this house.

It was within the first year after that, I am fairly sure, that we decorated the lounge and had new curtains made. So it is for 19 years that I have loved and hated those curtains in almost equal measure.
I say 'almost' because I do love them dearly, even though they disturb my equilibrium.

I bought the fabric from Laura Ashley and took it to a local curtain shop that employed a seamstress to make lined curtains. We have three large windows in the lounge, including French doors, and, although it was expensive, it was cheaper than having them made at Laura Ashley.

I picked them up just a few days before Christmas, when we were having family to stay, and, excitedly, hung them up in our newly-decorated lounge - and then exclaimed in despair, 'Oh no!'

She had joined the material in completely the wrong place!

But she'd obviously done it very carefully as it was the same on all 6 curtains.

Of course I should have taken them back.

But ... it was Christmas in a few days' time; we needed some window dressing. And I couldn't see what on earth she could do about it. We would lose some of the length if she had to unpick it and rejoin in a different place and we'd end up with curtains that didn't fit properly. Unless we bought new material - which cost a fortune. And I was worried that she'd have to pay for it. Or she'd lose her job if we kicked up a fuss.

So every time I draw the curtains I make sure the fold hides the mis-join. And if I go and sit in there and notice the exposed join, I can't relax until I've got up and adjusted it.

And that's been going on for 19 years!


Dragonstar said...

I've skimmed past your bathroom visitor - I'm moderately arachnophobic! - and can only say it's lucky it wasn't in your curtains.
I can see how annoying that would be, and it's the sort of annoyance that will carry on for as long as you have those very pretty curtains.

Ackworth Born said...

well it is a bit late to take them back now - maybe you should get some new ones for Christmas this year.

Anonymous said...

oh glass and paper trick. I just pcik them up in my hands and put them carefully outside. I currently wondering if I get away with not brushing away cobwebs on the grounds that its Halloween soon ;0)

i have in the past made my own curtains put I never used patterned fabric for that very reason!!!

Liz said...

They are pretty curtains, dragonstar.
ackworth, I think decorating the lounge is low on the to-do list. Somewhere below building a George-proof fence and finishing decorating the hall (nearly 2 years now ...).

Hippy mama, Husband picks them up too - although I think this one may have been a bit large for him. I don't look above eye-level when cleaning thus avoiding cobwebs. And if they're below eye-level then i don't like to deprive a spider of his/her home.

Anonymous said...

I'm here from now on

McBöbø said...

I'm not NORMALLY a cruel, insensitive or {something vaguely unpleasant that I can't put a word to} man.

But those curtains …
Nineteen Years …
Laura Ashley …
Really Liz …
19 Years …

Treat yourself. Pretend you're moving house. Thank the curtains for the curtaining they've done over the years and then just let them go.

There's a whole exciting new world of fresh curtains to be embraced. Set yourself free and reinvent your living room.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Um...time for new curtains? Curtains that are joined correctly and are not Laura Ashley? Go on, Liz, treat deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I have written something for you over at mine xx

Anna said...

Oh, don't listen to anyone. Laura Ashley is COOL!
Yours, the Queen of Cool.

McBöbø said...

Perhaps you could get new curtains to match the exclusive wellies Hullaballoo's got you, or maybe the boa.

PS: I am actually the King of Potato Roasting in our home, with garlic and thyme and olive oil.

Liz said...

Bobo, if I got new curtains I would have to have a whole new look and, as I mentioned earlier, that is way down on the list!

I don't think Husband would agree, puss!

Thank you, Hullaballoo!

And you should know, Anna!

You are just too perfect, Bobo!

CherryPie said...

Those curtains are very much like my lounge curtains an wallpaper. Been with me for 10 years, new look coming up early November ;-)

I think that mismatch would have wound me up so much I would have had to take them back just after Christmas!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Your curtains look beautiful. I am wondering if it is something that no one else would notice unless you pointed it out?

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