Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And what's more

Younger Son's computer has been broken for some time now. He's been using mine. Now I don't mind throwing him off when he's on facebook or playing poker or football but it's a bit guilt-rendering when he's doing college work. So I said to husband, 'We have to do something about his computer.'

And that's when Husband had his brilliant idea.
'We'll buy you a new computer and he can have yours.'

Yippee! It arrives tomorrow between 8 am and 1 pm - according to the machine that phoned me. It's so exciting. Although I'm not having a new screen. Does that mean I won't have Vista? Alun has Vista in work and it looks a bit confusing to me so I won't mind if I don't.

But I'll also need a new chair. Younger Son will want to take his back up to his bedroom and mine has lost its ouff so I look like a titchy little pixie sitting at the desk.


Katney said...

If you get a new PC--whether you get a new monitor or not--it will have Vista on it.

Good luck!

You may love it. (One of my sons and his 8 year old daughter do.)

Or not.

When I got my laptop, it had Vista on it.

I told my son-in-law the Microsoftie that my laptop had Vista on it. (I call him that because he works there--manages a team doing something--talks to China every Thursday afternoon.)

He said "I'm sorry." and first chance he got he installed XP for me.

That's been over a year, though, so most of the bugs should be worked out by now. Our IT at school said it would be a very good OS when they worked out the bugs. You can always hope.

Lindsay said...

I found Vista difficult - I was introduced to it in a sad way. Our neighbour of 30 years (in our old house) died in his sleep and his widow, who knew nothing about computers wished me to extract information from a new laptop. It was difficult to get used to, but I found the easiest way to learn was to pretend the software was meant more for office use than home use.

Jay said...

Should have got a Mac! LOL!

I used to be a die-hard Windows user but having got used to the Mac, I hate it now. And the Macs tend not to be vulnerable to viruses - a definite bonus!

I'm glad you managed to get a new computer out of the deal though! :)

CherryPie said...

Sounds like great fun :-) Go for it :-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh congratulations on your new 'puter, Liz. You realise, of course, that Younger Son is going to want to try it...

leslie said...

Will it be a laptop? or the big kind? Now that I'm used to my laptop I find the big ones quite clunky to use.

Gordon said...

Have fun with your new "toy".

Furtheron said...

the screen makes no difference to the computer - it's just like a TV it shows what is broadcast so I would expect your new one to be Vista - you really can't get XP anymore.

Good luck my latest one has been a nightmare!!! Currently down again and I'm very fed up with it.

Dragonstar said...

Oh yes, you must have a new chair!
I'm afraid Vista is all the rage (!) now. I hate change of any sort, but not everyone's like me. I hope you love it.

Ole Phat Stu said...

There is a reason why Vista
rhymes with Fister :-(

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