Friday, September 05, 2008

You are what you eat

Dr Stu advised George to read an item on the net about a five-year-old black Labrador named Oscar who has had to have 13 golf balls removed from his stomach after eating them on walks around a Fife course.

I haven't let George read it yet but I noticed that Oscar isn't the first dog to make the news for his eating habits.

A dog has had to undergo emergency surgery after swallowing his 40th pair of pants.
Taffy, the 18-month-old springer spaniel, has also eaten 300 socks, 15 pairs of shoes and a key fob to a car.
(November 2007)

A hungry puppy has surprised his owners, and a vet, by swallowing a whole pair of tights.
Parsnip, the seven-month-old Basset hound, was taken to the vets with digestion problems and the tights were discovered during surgery.
(November 2007)

A Nottingham man says his pet dog's penchant for ladies' underwear left the animal needing emergency surgery.
Cliff Hall of Stapleford said his pedigree Bull Mastiff, Deefer, has eaten around 10 pairs of knickers in the past 12 months.
(September 2006)


CherryPie said...

I think you need to keep your eye on George even more than ever now!!!

Katney said...

Nothing yet mentioned about eating one's bed?

Maggie May said...

I knew goats did this kind of thing, but dogs........ this is ridiculous!

Dragonstar said...

PLEASE don't tell George about this - he doesn't need more ideas!

When our two were puppies, the male started gagging and retching, scaring our kids. He eventually threw up a flattened football! I've no idea where he got it from - probably washed up on the beach - but it looked huge next to a half-grown springer cross!

Don't tell Geotge that, either!

jmb said...

Does that make you feel better? Of course not, only very sorry for those other owners who have had to pay big bucks to their vets.

Rose said...

Well now, that makes George sound quite normal, doesn't it? I may have mentioned before, Daughter's Pomeranian doesn't eat anything strange (other than raiding the cat's litter box), but likes to chew on her underwear--only hers, though; mine are too large, I guess:)

Anyway, just meant to reply that you are right--the line from "Oklahoma" is "the CORN was as high..." I changed it to fit the picture, but you were the only one to catch that:)

Anonymous said...

I our experience, goats aren't that bad. The odd one has given them a bad press - it is keeping them from eating the garden that causes problems.

James Higham said...

If we are what we eat, then what do you makes, Liz, of beans and sausages? :)