Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Summer's end

The beach huts at Langland say a lot about our summer.

I popped down there this morning to take a photo for my ABC Wednesday post, but more of that later.

I also bought myself a new pair of walking shoes. I nearly opted for the red and green elf boots but they were just a little bit narrow for my extra toe, so I settled for the Ecco ones. I'd seen some in the window priced at about £70-£80; I knew Husband wouldn't be thrilled as he objects to paying more than £30 for a pair of shoes but I figured my feet need looking after. Especially after a summer of blisters, so I took them along to the till. When the man rang up £130, I looked around. Was he serving someone else? Nope, it was just me. Was it a mistake and he'd notice any minute now?
'Are you paying by card?'
'Mm, yes,' I said, blasély (blasé-ly - is there such a word?), handing over my card while inside I was making the sorts of noises Rolf Harris makes at the beginning of some songs. you know, the sort of short-breathy panting noises.

But it'll be worth it to have comfortable dry feet. Won't it? I'll just have to make sure Husband is in a good mood before he reads my blog.


Katney said...

But Liz, why ever didn't you ask why these were so much more than the ones just like them in the window? I certainly would have. Or were they different?

When I got my hiking boots I tried the least expensive of the three pair that were on display first. Unfortunately, it was the most expensive pair that fit the best.

I got my walking shoes on sale, though.

Katney said...

BTW The long range weather forecast for Vancouver looks quite pleasant. Bring a sweater, but pack the sunscreen, too. Of course, this only reaches out ten days and it's about the 11th or 12th when you are headed this way, but...

Dragonstar said...

Gulp! Do you think you could persuade husband that he isn't seeing that initial 1 ? Mind, really comfortable shoes cost, and cheap ones are a false economy.
Anyway, he loves you!!!

jams o donnell said...

The beach huts have a sad look about them.

Shoes are one thing I don't stint on. I bought a couple of pairs of Church's shoes 12 years ago. Pretty expensive but they will probably last me to retirement


Oh my GOD, Liz, you live in Langland?!?!?!? I was there in 1991; you must know Jo - Joanne - Howard's (married name, Mike is her hubby) parents - I stayed with them for four days. i know her dad passed away a while ago, but i'm not sure about her mum. she emigrated to new zealand many years ago...

Liz said...

The ones in the window were different, katney; I just imagined they would all be about the same price. And you mean I have to come perpared for all eventualities?!

dragonstar, that's what I'm banking on! And I've had such a lot of trouble with shoes this summer.

AS long as price does mean long-lasting - and more importantly, comfortable - I'll be happy, jams!

Not exactly in Langland but only about 3 miles away, kiwi. Don't know the Howards I'm afraid.

Suburbia said...

I never let my husband read my blog!!
I love the thought of your Rolf H noises, I hope the person who served you was not too perturbed!
Does this mean no more blisters in wellies?