Monday, September 08, 2008

Some George news

When Younger Son got up this morning he asked, 'How are you today?'
I replied, 'I was feeling a little better so I had a small bowl of Frosties. Big mistake.'
YS nodded sagely.
'Still I'm going to do my ironing and then I'll feel justified in lying down.'
YS looked at me and shook his head. 'You're not very good at being ill, are you?'

George isn't helpful in the 'letting mummy be ill in peace' field either. When I went to lie down I told Younger Son that George was outside and to keep an eye on him. Shortly after, YS came upstairs. 'George has gone. I was watching him then I went to get my lunch and then he was gone.'

I found him down the road having his tummy tickled by a lady who'd stopped her car because she thought he looked lost. We have no idea how he got out but thank goodness for dog-lovers.
George likes to help with the recycling too.


mrsnesbitt said...

There's nothing like being in bed TRYING to rest HOPING that all is well downstairs! GUARANTEED you wont sleep!

Take care.

Dragonstar said...

No mother can rest easy in bed - she never knows who's doing what! Except in the case of someone like George. You do know that he's being George, so it's just not possible to rest.
Take things as easy as you can.

sally in norfolk said...

You are a saint and must love dogs very much... sad to say i could never cope with a "George"

Amanda said...

Oh no! I'm not very good at being ill either. George is like my toddler :0)

CherryPie said...

I hope you are feeling better now. You need to get yourself sorted before you hols!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Hope you are feeling much better SOON! George is just doing his bit to ensure you don't rest too much! ;-)

Mu Tai Dong said...

I make a the past and the pizza for you - a like a ya momm used tio make a !! Also with a black beans sauce, dead fishes in crumble an some kind of thin!!

The you feellike you rise from dead!!

leslie said...

Gosh I sure hope you rally soon as the flight will be 8 hours long!

Rose said...

I do hope you feel better soon, Liz. A day in bed sometimes sounds heavenly, but as you say, it's no fun if you're sick. I hope George lets you get some rest.