Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Not long now!

Last night I dreamed that leslie and jmb were showing me round Vancouver!

I'm afraid it wasn't awfully impressive in my dream but I think that's because there was another woman there that I didn't know and she was terribly domineering and effusive and rushing everywhere. So I know it will be wonderful really.

In 2000 Husband and I spent a few days in New York. Actually I spent quite a lot of the time cooped up in a hotel room with a cop but that's another story.

You think you're prepared for New York. At least I thought so. I'd seen it in plenty of movies; I knew it was full of skyscrapers. But nothing prepared me for the height of those buildings. I ran out of adjectives very quickly. Each time I thought I'd seen the highest, around the corner there'd be one that was even taller. I will go back one day.

But I think that's what the Rockies are going to be like: words will quickly fail me. Yes, it'll be mountains and lakes but I get the feeling that nothing will have prepared me for this either.

I'm so excited!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I can hear your excitement in your words. Liz! I hope the domineering women doesn’t appear in reality.

Katney said...

Yes, the mountains and the lakes will be incredible. And you know that if I weren't walking this weekend I would invite myself to Vancouver.

But cooped up in a hotel with a cop?

Honey, you can't jsut drop that one on us without the story.

Dragonstar said...

We must have that story Liz!!!

leslie said...

Oh my gosh, jmb told me where you're staying! I hope you have a room with a view of the mountains because you'll feel like you can just stretch out and touch them across the water. We're both so excited about you coming and can hardly wait. We're working on arrangements for lunch now. Counting the days....

Oh, by the way, you HAVE to tell us that story about the NY cop!

jmb said...

You will love the Rockies, you can bet your money on it. Not only the mountains but the wonderful wildlife too. It all blew me away when I first came here.

Liz said...

I'm sure she won't, nick!

Katney, dragostar, leslie, the cop story will appear in 8 weeks' time!

leslie and jmb, looking forward to seeing you!!!