Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What were you thinking of?

Do you ever wonder how Google decides which ads are relevant to a particular web page?

This evening I was researching cocktails (yes, me a non-drinker!), checking out the ingredients for a Slow Comfortable Screw. The adverts on the side of the page included several along these lines: Importers of Ball & Lead Screws to the UK.

A psychiatrist would have a field day with the word association that must have gone on there ...


Calum said...

I think you're lucky that's all you got!!

holly said...

you do *not* want to send someone an email from googlemail about toilet training. the resultant ads are quite scary, and not for proper dinnertime discussion.

the scs - sloe gin, right?

okay i got here via a link on a site from someone who visited me after being pointed by someone else. really REALLY that is the easiest explanation, and it doesn't even make sense, i know.

anyway, hi neighbour, i am also a wales blogger (but not welsh - i be american)!

leslie said...

You're looking for a "slow comfortable screw?" So am I...*sigh*

Louis la Vache said...

Don't get "Louis" started on Google....
he's fed up with the entire operation and will soon be moving his blogs to a new host. The algorithms they use to select the ads must use the "SWAG" method: "Scientific Wild-@$$ Guess." When "Louis" first signed up for Google ads, his name "Louis" collected ads for Saint Louis, MO locations, never mind that the blogs were either San Francisco or Paris. Many, many complaints to Google got no results. Fine. No more Google ads for "Louis."

Puss-in-Boots said...

I can remember those from way back...

Liz said...

You're probably right, calum.

Hello, holly, and welcome. Sloe gin, southern comfort and orange juice.

leslie, it'll happen, just you wait and see.

Hi louis, that must have been frustrating.

Now are we talking drinks here, puss?

Dragonstar said...

With all these comments you don't need mine, so I'll shut up!

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